Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Super sun burnt all week.
Yesterday was my birthday.
I am still handsome.

We road up a hill on bikes.
Woke up at 4.

woke up at four made a smoothie.

Saw 徐士清and蘇振祥 get baptized.

The weather is nice and sunny.
Wonderful miracles.
Friend gave me 2 pound chocolate bar.

Taiwanese Gatorade.
Remember to read scriptures.
Don't forget to pray.

Caught a frog.
We have one nice door man.
The other one is mean.

the view from our bathroom window haha we are spoiled 

My friend is Faye. 

Eat Drink pleasure because it is going to die tomorrow I love you never give up Do not handsome Eat a meal Now is the happiest moment)

Elder Henry David Christensen 
a drawing of me

Monday, May 23, 2016


This week is my birthday! 
We had a great week this last week and saw a lot of big miracles with our zone. We have had to do a few baptismal interviews and have more coming up this next week and then we have some baptisms coming up which is super exciting! 
It is a wonderful time to be serving in the South Zone. It is weird that the transfer is ending so fast! It feels like it just started and I don't appreciate that feeling. I feel like we never have enough time in a day but also that if we had more time I would probably pass out. 
We have two baptisms in our ward this week and we are stoked about that. Both investigators were mostly taught by my companion and I. So it is fun for us to see them both make it to the starting line safely. My companion is a great guy. He loves to give me hugs and stuff which is nice to keep up a loving relationship. 
I love this area! We are seeing miracles everyday. It is hard to keep up the energy all the time but I find that even though we are doing some tired finding it is still smart finding and is producing some great results. 
Recently we have found a lot of super cool people, and we are super excited to keep it up in this wonderful area. 

Seeing that this will probably be my last area, it is sort of interesting to see myself in a different light. I always looked up to the older missionaries and now since I am undeniably the older missionary, I feel like my every effort is looked at as the right thing, so I have to always be trying my hardest. 

I have learned a lot about just being positive on exchanges and I have found through just listening and being happy I can help a lot more than trying to be more aggressive in recommending ways to improve. 
I love this gospel and I love you! 

Elder Henry David Christensen 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Today we are playing board games because it is really rainy, but last week was cool. We hit up the biggest museum in Taiwan and it was super boring! BUT still I have no regrets because I think it was cool to learn a little more of Taiwan's culture. Unlike most art museums this one was mostly just ancient artifacts. Mostly really old pots and other things of no use. 
It was fun to be with friends but I think I have something wrong with my legs. Standing too long is really hard. I have to sit most of the time unless I am biking. So maybe one day my beautiful future wife will get to tow me around in a sick future chair or I will just get robot legs.
I am doing great though. Our week was very good. Though I am very tired. I fall asleep whenever I sit down unless I am doing something that requires movement. A few ward members have offered me some vitamins and stuff which was nice of them. One of them said she is bringing me fish oil tablets and I am grateful for that. I am usually pretty awake when we are out biking around so don't worry about me. 
I have a goal to finish the Book of Mormon in Chinese and I have been reading about 10 pages a day for the last week or so. I will be finished in about 3 weeks which I am excited about.
We have a baptism coming up soon which is exciting and we are working hard to keep our area ablaze. It has been cool seeing a lot of improvement in our investigators, members and missionaries in our zone. 
I have also seen a lot of change in myself and I am so grateful for the miles that my Savior has carried me through the last 2 years.

Elder Henry David Christensen 

Monday, May 2, 2016


We caught a little beetle this morning and named him shuttlecock. But he wanted to go, and we felt it best to respect his choices so we threw him out the window.

We had a baptism on Saturday and it was awesome. Alex Huang is a homie. He was super excited to get baptized and even bought some new clothes so he could looks fresh.

He bought us dinner and then we had a photo shoot which he was super happy to flex for. Haha
This week was awesome. It is always so rewarding to see people change through the gospel. I think that is the biggest blessing of the mission. It is wonderful! 
Sorry for the short note. We are heading on a bike ride soon, but I love all of you! 

Elder Henry David Christensen