Monday, August 25, 2014


STOP SENDING THE COUNT DOWN AS THE TITLE!!!!!! I don't want to hear it. haha because when I get to the low numbers I won't want to think about coming home. 
Ya we looked up that story (about the elders that died in Taiwan)... It is very sad.. And kind of intimidating since we are heading in to the field in about 10 days.. I have prayed for their families. I hope they are OK. I know if they stay faithful it will all work out. 
Elder Ledbetter who came to our house for dinner
Please don't send any embarrassing things to my mission President that just aren't true. You would always do that and it was funny but this probably matters more. haha I miss you too, I hope you know I am doing well and that I am loving it. 
 Mitch Wilson and Todd Pederson ...they went to oly

Elder Anderton

This is Caleb Oswald he went to OLY and was a way awesome guy
I love the pictures you sent and I thought they were in excellent taste. The King's Peak pictures made me really happy. You should all get together and read The Room by Joshua Harris. Sister Wright read it to us yesterday and I found it very profound. I enjoyed it and it makes you think about your life. Every good thing and every bad thing you've ever done. 

We started SKYPE TRC. Which means we do a video call with Taiwanese people and teach them lessons. They are usually members and are always cool and very nice. Which is a big deal because I would get frustrated having to slow down my language so that someone could understand me. I am always grateful for the patience of others. 

Doc. Broadwater came! He took a selfie w/ me and said he would send it to you. It was good seeing someone from my previous life. He fixed my retainer and he is so nice!

On the 5th of September we will fly from SLC airport to Tokyo Japan!!!! Then after about a two hour layover we will head to Taiwan!!! It is about 17 hours of travel in all maybe and probably more. But we pretty much won't exist for the 6th of September because of the time zone changes and stuff. hahahaha cooool. BUT be warned. This guy came in like twelve minutes after we got our flight plans and told us they were a LIE! but then he came back again, after we had already set the building on fire (figuratively), and said they could be real. but there is no way to tell.... we will have to wait and see.

One of my teachers just got engaged!!! She is my favorite and is soo cool! She is marrying a guy that she served with in Taiwan so they both are fluent in Chinese. That's pretty cool!!
I have been watching a lot of Mormon Messages in Chinese and after a few listens I can understand a good percentage but it is hard for me to create sentences because the grammar is pretty backwards.
Thanks for the updates ! I will write letters!!
Love Elder Christensen

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I am replying to your emails by writing letters mostly. But thanks for sending me Megan's talk!! I printed it off and will read it during personal study tomorrow!!!
ALSO, thanks for sending Adelide's letters! I LOVE THEM!!
THANKS FOR THE PACKAGE!!! I have been eating easy mac every night and I think those jawbusters will last through my entire mission hahahaha.
Also, thanks for the CHOCOLATE! I love it all soo much!! 

This week was legend- wait for it - ary.
Last night we had a devotional talk by Sister Jenny Oaks Baker. Dallin H Oaks' daughter, who is a renowned Mormon violinist! She was soo good!! She did several musical numbers with her family. She has a son that is 7 and plays classical guitar. He was actually really good, but his dad kept getting mad at him because he kept turning around to look at himself in the screen hahahahahahahah

I love devotionals but my favorite part of this Sunday was listening to Elder Holland's talk "Lord I Believe" we watched it as a district and I printed off the talk today because I loved it so much!!! Elder Holland is my favorite speaker right now. 

Our investigators are really moving along!! We have three and here are their stories:
Liang Jeimei: Is a LA ( less active ). Has read the Book Of Mormon and knows it's true but likes to party with her friends. She has all the money she needs and is happy. So she thinks she doesn't need the gospel. This week we taught her that we can't know if the Church is true unless we pray about it so she is going to!!! YAY! She is the hardest investigator any of us have so this is a lot of progress!!! 

oh and we inherited this suit jacket from the past district, so i modeled for a bit lol
By the end of our lesson she was crying because we told her that she needed to change and she said she was scared. We determined her real problem was not that she had a drinking problem or anything but that she was really just scared of changing and being accepted. She is awesome. We are excited for her to progress.
Pan Jeimei: Her husband just left her and she is afraid of getting pushed away but we got her to go to church and she felt the love of the members there. She has committed to baptism!!! WAHOO.
Li Jiemei: Her son is on a mission but she has never tried learning of our church so she knew nothing. Her main problem is feeling accepted. Because of that when we invited her to church we had sisters come with us to take her to church so she wasn't alone. She loved it!! And we committed her to baptism too!!!! so this week was great. I really loved it. 

I just said farewell to Jamison not 30 minutes ago as he walked to his bus!! and Elder Spurrier left this week too ! It is sad but also awesome.
    Can you send me the lyrics to Pipin's song from LOTR?? The sad one where the orks kill everyone and stuff?? hahahah Sister Sorenson and I have been trying to remember how it goes for days. Also. if you want to print of a copy of The Giving Tree? I WOULD BE HAPPY AS A PENGUIN. 

Elder Bodily

Elder Ward and Elder Motzkus!!!
This work is true.
I am out of time.
But I love you.
- Elder Christensen

Monday, August 11, 2014

MTC Week 5

I have sooo many pictures but no connecting device right now. I will in an hour or two so I'll send them then.
As I listened to that talk (a talk by Elder Holland called
Because of Your Faith) I cried full on tears. I am so grateful for you and for my family. I could not put my gratitude into words so hopefully that talk did the right trick in explaining my feels.
here is elder perkins
 POOR ROSIE that thing has suffered too much :( I miss her a bunch. I prayed for every person that I care about today in the Celestial room and she made the list of course.
tommy smith
That is awesome that you got to meet Adelide's companions!!!!!! They seem so awesome!!! 
elder Mongie
 I am doing better this week. A lot of good things have happened including the package you sent me!!! THANK YOU!! I already ate most of the Mac and Cheese and I am saving the fettuccine till Taiwan because we don't yet have a stove. BUT THANK YOU! that was so heartwarming and made my day and week soo much better!
Tomorrow I say good bye to one of my best friends who is seriously the most golden hearted person I have ever met. Elder Mongie. He is soo awesome!! He will serve in England Manchester and is a stellar guy. I am going to miss him a whole lot. Also Elder Perkins I know will be my friend for the rest of my life. He is so awesome.

 Tell Lillie to draw me a pony, and with all of her effort, pour her feelings about school into its design. Hahahaha I want one of her super detailed big ponies!!!!! send them every day or something before it costs a lot of money to send me stuff!!!!!!!!

Tell Isabelle (Diederich) congrats and that we can still get married if she will wait for me. (it's an inside joke) haha

sister akita from my disctricty

 yAy cRAPPY CARS FOR LYFE!!! haha i can't wait for the picture!!!
And I want a king sized bed! i can wait though.

elders williams and burbidge

elders humpries (front) and ploeg in the back.

Perkins and Mongie rollin'

sister Wright

my companion elder griffin

elder england

Elders perkins, humphrie

This is Su Laoshi. he is one of my teachers (laoshi)

and a mirror pic lol

my breakfast
Send reeses! and mints !!!!!! and maybe like those little jawbusters because they last for a while and keep me focused.
I will send pictures and I LOVE YOU!!!!!
love, Elder Christensen