Sunday, April 26, 2015

Avoid Eternigation

There is an investigator here in Luodong named Hanny who has been investigating for over a year and wouldn't ever commit to a date. After investigating for that long, missionaries call that investigator an "eternigator." 
She told us a few months ago that if she commits, she will follow through. But even though we invited her every time we saw her, she would not commit. Today I want to talk a little bit about how we can each avoid "eternigation" in our own lives. 
This week she had two experiences that confirmed to her she should be baptized. The first was a member’s testimony. Hanny loves animals and this member, Liu Jiemei, did too. 
In fact, the reason Liu JM even started investigating the church is because her dog died and her preacher told her she would never see it again because animals didn't have souls.

But then almost immediately after, she met the missionaries from our church. Through scriptures and their message she felt comforted and decided to be baptized. This story touched Hanny and she felt the spirit. 
So, point one is that member’s testimonies are crucial. Without Liu's testimony, Hanny would not have taken the steps to find an answer. 
Story 2: Hanny asked a member to take her to Taipei for a temple tour. As she sat in the chapel, a young man started playing a rendition of "Nearer My God to Thee." She said she knew by the spirit at that time she needed to follow Christ and be baptized. 
You must first take action and second go to places where you can feel the spirit. Hanny will be baptized this coming Saturday and I must say that the missionaries have been inviting her for a very long time with no results. 
But through members, holy places and ACTION she found her answer! She came up to us after English class on Wednesday and told us the news and yesterday she had her interview so she is ready! What a miracle! 
Avoid becoming an eternigator. When you have a question, a temptation or don't no what you are to do, take action, rely on a member’s testimony, and go somewhere you can feel the spirit. 
Lillie's pony and Papa's paintings

But take action! 
Love, Elder Henry David Christensen

Monday, April 20, 2015


During studies this morning we experienced an earthquake! It was really small but moved our building back and forth for a little bit it was cool. It was my first one ever and so that was nice. The rain has also been heating up recently. Big drops of bathwater and pollution make for a fun bike ride! 
We also made some rice last night on our own and it was hard on the top but really really mushy on the bottom. So I am not quite on the level of the Taiwanese as far as rice making goes.. Dang it!
Besides those random facts, this last Sunday Lin DX received the Holy Ghost! It was a great experience to see him make that confirming step. He has a lot of faith and even though his knowledge of the gospel is maybe not even basic yet he knows the small and simple truths of the gospel. Just like how in Conference we were told to look at the children hymn books and find the truths in those songs, he spends time each sacrament reading the hymn book! It is pretty great. 

After he was confirmed he shook the hands of those who participated in the ordinance and then walked up to the stand to shake hands with the bishop which was really cute. haha He is my favorite. 

I also went on exchanges with an Elder Gray. He is younger than me on the mission and struggles to communicate in Chinese, but he is so humble and really relies on the spirit to teach. He taught me a lot and I was grateful for that experience. It also made me realize that even if I can speak more fluently, I am still going to be a horrible teacher unless I rely on the spirit. 

We shared a talk about faith with an investigator named Hanny called "Lord I Believe" by Elder Holland. We are inviting her for the 100th time to be baptized, but This Is The Week. So keep me in your prayers that we may know how to help her accept this invitation. I am happy and I am excited for the work ahead. I think one way a mission helps me become truly converted is through change. No one who is flawed can be truly converted unless they recognize Christ and act on His teachings. 

Thank you all for support and love that I have been shown every week! Keep on trying! 

Elder Henry David Christensen 

As I was praying earlier this week I felt a prompting that Lillie Jane needs to be doing family history. Introduce her to our family’s FamilySearch website and get her to interview and add to it. I recently had to do a booklet about my ancestors and only had that site, which is missing so much attainable information. She needs to do this I am convinced it is what she needs to improve. Have her get birthdays, stories, pictures, everything. Everyone must be accounted for!!

Monday, April 13, 2015


First let me just say that I do love my Ma and Pa. This conference had a lot of people speak about marriage and families and that mostly made me think of my mom and dad. They are an example to me of a wonderful marriage and fantastic parents. I am grateful for them so very much.
In Elder Quentin L. Cooks talk on Saturday he told the story of a sailor who had a clock that his father had given him to remind him of home. With this watch he kept the time the same as it was at home so he could think of what his family was doing at those times and keep them close to him. 

As I got out of the shower the other day I looked at my watch and it had been bumped or switched to the setting where it shows what time it is at home. How convenient! It was about 7:00 in the morning here and that means it was about 5:00 at night back home in Utah. My family would soon be blessing their food and praying for me (hopefully, I need it) just like in the story Elder Cook told. 
It was kind of a special moment for me. At that time a line from a sing-along-blog I saw once popped out to me. "Home is where the heart is, so your real home's in your chest!" 
I am at home here in Taiwan. I love the people and I do not want to go home soon.
Often, however, I feel like Sam and Frodo on Mt. Doom. Thinking of the things I am missing or have forgotten. For example my companion and I last night were trying to sing Micheal Jackson songs but could barely remember any words! It happens to all missionaries sadly, but it is worth it to forget somethings you love to focus on what is really important and find the true love of Christ. 

I do think of home often. Not in a longing way, just in a loving way. I am very grateful for the home I was raised in. Many times in my life I felt like the older brother in Elder Holland's talk. Making that vertical leap with nothing there to grab onto. I felt like I was slipping but always holding my right hand was Christ. I also believe wholeheartedly that my parents were always holding my left hand and keeping me from falling down. Remember Christ and love your parents. I only wish I could have been better at this before my mission and I hope to show my love for them afterwards. 
But not yet, not yet.   

Elder Henry David Christensen 

p.s. It is going by too quickly. that is all. 
I only hope to improve so I can become all that you think of me. You think too highly of me!
I love my mother dearly. Have a good week. Read the scriptures everyday everyday everyday. (especially the war chapters they are some of my favorites) and pray oft. 

Love your one and only

Monday, April 6, 2015

Satan will cross you

This week we had a conversation with a man named Edmond. He was a friendly man and very easy to talk to at first. But when we asked him if he believed in God, he said that it doesn't matter. In the end he told us that he believed we all came from nature and that we have no purpose in life. 

We never argued with him but just asked questions. He was pretty deeply rooted, so we didn't change his beliefs but we were able to show him through the spirit that maybe he wasn't thinking straight. It was a really sad experience to see that Satan had such a strong hold on him, taking small truths and twisting them into big lies. 
My point in telling you this is that even with all his reasoning and knowledge and self proclaimed wisdom, man is susceptible to Satan. But with the wisdom that is true and pure which is from God, we saw this man contradict himself several times. Satan's lies can only go so far when defending against the truth of the gospel. 
On a different note, Lin DX was baptized! It was a very beautiful service. We met with him before and he practiced his baptism and his testimony and then we changed into white and met in the chapel. There several members bore testimony and we proceeded to the font. His baptism was short but the spirit was there and I am sure it did not leave anyone who was there the entire night. 

Afterwards, he bore his testimony which caused all the members to smile and call him cute (because he really is the cutest old man.) Then bishop Zheng bore his testimony, during which he apologized for doubting. He related how when he first met Lin DX he had doubts and did not think he could be baptized so quickly. But then he recognized his flaw and repented and was so happy and excited to see Lin Dx following Christ. It was wonderful. 

This week had a lot of real highs and some lows but with God the ups will always be higher than the downs and I am grateful for that.

Elder Henry David Christensen