Sunday, April 26, 2015

Avoid Eternigation

There is an investigator here in Luodong named Hanny who has been investigating for over a year and wouldn't ever commit to a date. After investigating for that long, missionaries call that investigator an "eternigator." 
She told us a few months ago that if she commits, she will follow through. But even though we invited her every time we saw her, she would not commit. Today I want to talk a little bit about how we can each avoid "eternigation" in our own lives. 
This week she had two experiences that confirmed to her she should be baptized. The first was a member’s testimony. Hanny loves animals and this member, Liu Jiemei, did too. 
In fact, the reason Liu JM even started investigating the church is because her dog died and her preacher told her she would never see it again because animals didn't have souls.

But then almost immediately after, she met the missionaries from our church. Through scriptures and their message she felt comforted and decided to be baptized. This story touched Hanny and she felt the spirit. 
So, point one is that member’s testimonies are crucial. Without Liu's testimony, Hanny would not have taken the steps to find an answer. 
Story 2: Hanny asked a member to take her to Taipei for a temple tour. As she sat in the chapel, a young man started playing a rendition of "Nearer My God to Thee." She said she knew by the spirit at that time she needed to follow Christ and be baptized. 
You must first take action and second go to places where you can feel the spirit. Hanny will be baptized this coming Saturday and I must say that the missionaries have been inviting her for a very long time with no results. 
But through members, holy places and ACTION she found her answer! She came up to us after English class on Wednesday and told us the news and yesterday she had her interview so she is ready! What a miracle! 
Avoid becoming an eternigator. When you have a question, a temptation or don't no what you are to do, take action, rely on a member’s testimony, and go somewhere you can feel the spirit. 
Lillie's pony and Papa's paintings

But take action! 
Love, Elder Henry David Christensen

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