Monday, April 6, 2015

Satan will cross you

This week we had a conversation with a man named Edmond. He was a friendly man and very easy to talk to at first. But when we asked him if he believed in God, he said that it doesn't matter. In the end he told us that he believed we all came from nature and that we have no purpose in life. 

We never argued with him but just asked questions. He was pretty deeply rooted, so we didn't change his beliefs but we were able to show him through the spirit that maybe he wasn't thinking straight. It was a really sad experience to see that Satan had such a strong hold on him, taking small truths and twisting them into big lies. 
My point in telling you this is that even with all his reasoning and knowledge and self proclaimed wisdom, man is susceptible to Satan. But with the wisdom that is true and pure which is from God, we saw this man contradict himself several times. Satan's lies can only go so far when defending against the truth of the gospel. 
On a different note, Lin DX was baptized! It was a very beautiful service. We met with him before and he practiced his baptism and his testimony and then we changed into white and met in the chapel. There several members bore testimony and we proceeded to the font. His baptism was short but the spirit was there and I am sure it did not leave anyone who was there the entire night. 

Afterwards, he bore his testimony which caused all the members to smile and call him cute (because he really is the cutest old man.) Then bishop Zheng bore his testimony, during which he apologized for doubting. He related how when he first met Lin DX he had doubts and did not think he could be baptized so quickly. But then he recognized his flaw and repented and was so happy and excited to see Lin Dx following Christ. It was wonderful. 

This week had a lot of real highs and some lows but with God the ups will always be higher than the downs and I am grateful for that.

Elder Henry David Christensen 

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