Monday, March 30, 2015

Easter Initiative

This week we traveled to Taipei at 6:00 AM and were there until 7:00 PM. The reason for this extremely long day spent in Taipei was the special training zone meeting. President Day, Sister Day, the temple sisters, assistants to the president, and our zone leaders trained us for what in reality was a really long training but it felt very short and I really enjoyed it. We learned about a lot of things but most importantly was the new Easter Initiative. The First Presidency has issued this message: The Easter holiday provides  a natural time to testify of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and to 
invite all to learn more of His teachings.  Use the initiative to help  the your mission discover, embrace, and share the Atonement of  Jesus Christ, which makes salvation possible.
So, from now until they tell us to stop, we will be sharing this simple message. Because He lives. There is an awesome video they made that we have been sharing. If you have not yet seen this video then look up: #becausehelives . It is awesome! And I am really excited to help all know that Christ is not gone from us. We can see him every day through our actions and through the actions of others. If all things are done with love, Christ will be found.
On another note, today I want to talk about Amahs. An amah is a very old old lady and they are typically found picking up garbage, driving scooters with a large mass of garbage on the back, or in a park slapping themselves on the arms or legs. These old women are wonderful. Though they speak only Taiwanese for the most part they are really funny to talk to. Taiwanese is quite the language. It shares similar sounds as Chinese sometimes but is a different language and my American mouth was not made to make the sounds that the Taiwanese language requires. It involves a lot of grunting and it sounds really funny. Amahs are awesome and if you are ever having a bad day go help an amah. But, a warning, if they are driving watch out because they just go for it no matter the color of the light or where they are. 
we found Sting
I am also very honored that President Child would make such a nice comment. He is such a wonderful man. I hope he and Sister Pat are doing ok. I will pray for them.
I am excited for Lillie’s pony! I hope it comes with note attached!
I love you mom. Thank you for the example you set. I am, as the aliens in Toy Story say, "eternally grateful."

Elder Henry David Christensen 

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