Monday, March 9, 2015


This week as I worked with Elder Francis I found we have a lot in common in interests, hobbies and certain personality traits. One of those traits includes not liking talking to people.
When I was at home I would rather have stayed home for a movie than go to a party or just hang out with a small group of friends instead of going to a large gathering of people. I wouldn't say I was socially inept, I just didn't like that scene. He is the same way. 
It makes finding harder when neither you nor your companion enjoy talking to people. But as soon as this problem was apparent, I found this scripture from D&C chapter 35. It reads, "Wherefore, I call upon the weak things of the world, those who are unlearned and despised, to thresh the nations by the power of my Spirit."
I am one of those week things of the world. My scriptural knowledge is lacking, and I have so many flaws it is beyond my ability to count.
BUT, I know that God has called us to work together through revelation and I know Elder Francis and I can use our similarities to become a big strength in this area. I am loving it here in LuoDong.
We are working our hardest to keep it up and we have spent a lot of time finding and have met a few interesting people. Here is one of them: His name is Xie DX. He is about 50, retired and a little bit odd. He has a lazy eye and a very bad stutter which makes him hard to understand (on top of the fact that he is speaking Chinese), but he invited us over to his house to rest. 
Of course, since we don't rest, we shared the first lesson with him and gave him a Book of Mormon. He has no way to get to Church but he said we can come back any time and we have already gone back once. He is super willing to meet at any time and will listen to what we say then ask questions. He is awesome!
We have also continued to meet with Huang Shi Neng. He is still coming to Church though half the time it is with alcohol on his breath. We met with him early in the week with a member of the bishopric, and the visit was awesome. Not much was said, just comfort support and love were brought into his home through the spirit and it was pretty powerful. 
We visited him again on Sunday and that went well too. We drew him a picture of the Plan of Salvation and talked about how he needs to help his brother get to the celestial kingdom. He sort of connected the dots that God loves us enough to give us trails so that we can learn and overcome through relying on Christ. It was good and I think he is slowly getting better. 
We were sent here to thrash the nations. We are all weak, and we fall sometimes, but he calls us. And he called US! The weak things can become strong through Christ. And he has commanded us to give it our all no matter what. 

Elder Henry David Christensen

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