Monday, March 23, 2015

Hope ya Know I Had a Hard Time

my sketch of the week

I didn't really have too hard of a week. I have gone through a pretty good cold though. It started with a sore throat and now I am sitting here with a nose that resembles a faucet that doesn't quite turn all the way off. 

But I am happy. Truly the only bad part of the week was being sick and that was still not enough to really make it hard. (unless you count trying to speak Chinese with a stuffy nose.)
my area! and that is my zone leader elder hughes and some people we met 

The title of this week’s email is after this link that I am attaching. It is a clip from one of Elder Quentin L Cook's talks. His invitation towards the end of the video is to find someone who is having a hard time and to help them. It is simple but I think it is hard to serve people because when we ask "is there anything I can do to help?" most people reply with "No." 
That is why we must take action! Taking action is something Christ asks us to do with everything. We can't gain a testimony without praying and reading, we cannot learn how to be humble without lowering ourselves, and I have found that to serve people we must do one simple thing. Serve them. 
I am also going to try and take action in living up this invite.
This small clip made me happy and hopeful so please take a moment to watch it:

Elder Henry David Christensen

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