Monday, August 11, 2014

MTC Week 5

I have sooo many pictures but no connecting device right now. I will in an hour or two so I'll send them then.
As I listened to that talk (a talk by Elder Holland called
Because of Your Faith) I cried full on tears. I am so grateful for you and for my family. I could not put my gratitude into words so hopefully that talk did the right trick in explaining my feels.
here is elder perkins
 POOR ROSIE that thing has suffered too much :( I miss her a bunch. I prayed for every person that I care about today in the Celestial room and she made the list of course.
tommy smith
That is awesome that you got to meet Adelide's companions!!!!!! They seem so awesome!!! 
elder Mongie
 I am doing better this week. A lot of good things have happened including the package you sent me!!! THANK YOU!! I already ate most of the Mac and Cheese and I am saving the fettuccine till Taiwan because we don't yet have a stove. BUT THANK YOU! that was so heartwarming and made my day and week soo much better!
Tomorrow I say good bye to one of my best friends who is seriously the most golden hearted person I have ever met. Elder Mongie. He is soo awesome!! He will serve in England Manchester and is a stellar guy. I am going to miss him a whole lot. Also Elder Perkins I know will be my friend for the rest of my life. He is so awesome.

 Tell Lillie to draw me a pony, and with all of her effort, pour her feelings about school into its design. Hahahaha I want one of her super detailed big ponies!!!!! send them every day or something before it costs a lot of money to send me stuff!!!!!!!!

Tell Isabelle (Diederich) congrats and that we can still get married if she will wait for me. (it's an inside joke) haha

sister akita from my disctricty

 yAy cRAPPY CARS FOR LYFE!!! haha i can't wait for the picture!!!
And I want a king sized bed! i can wait though.

elders williams and burbidge

elders humpries (front) and ploeg in the back.

Perkins and Mongie rollin'

sister Wright

my companion elder griffin

elder england

Elders perkins, humphrie

This is Su Laoshi. he is one of my teachers (laoshi)

and a mirror pic lol

my breakfast
Send reeses! and mints !!!!!! and maybe like those little jawbusters because they last for a while and keep me focused.
I will send pictures and I LOVE YOU!!!!!
love, Elder Christensen

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