Monday, August 4, 2014

Week 4

Elder Nelson, Elder England and Henry
I made it through Fast Sunday! I didn't even feel sick and I didn't die so it was good. While Sunday was full of the spirit, it was also the hardest day I have had. Focusing was hard, and I realized also that I am so flawed. I sometimes doubt I should even be here. I feel unworthy at times. This week was hard.

I am glad you enjoyed my letter, I'll send another soon. And I know the language will come eventually!

Life always works out. I realized that most of my trials occur because of my choices because I am truly blessed. I am glad you think so highly of me but I really am not so great. I don't mean to be down on myself but I just know I am not that fantastic. Thank you though. That is kind of you to say!

In the end I think people should be happy. It is difficult to discern what is true happiness and what the world views as happiness. I know though that the Lord is always the better choice. Tell Lil I love her.

Thank you for the emails and the packages I love you! and Thank you for sending a camera! I haven't gotten it yet but I am stoked for when I do!

I love you and I will spend some time writing actual letters for you.

The gift of tongues is real. I could not be where I am without it. Still I am pretty behind hahaha I am not worried but still I am a little behind. I am trying my hardest to be the best I can be!

I got your packages! your cookies were amazing!! THANK YOU!!!! we loved them. And I have been eatn popcorn, cheetos and top ramen every night after class. SO THANK YOU SO MUCH!! truly the best part of my week is when I receive packages and letters!

The food is good, and I haven't gained weight but a lot of people have haha i am weird I guess. I just eat whatever they have and a lot of it. hahaha I am going to get chubby yay!

I do miss you a lot and You are my favorite mom haha

Could you send me a camera? i haven't had one for 2 weeks and I need one!!!
I love you so much and I will write you letters in like ten minutes but you'll get them tomorrow!!!!
Elder C

Sorry I wasn't there to make family dinner so much better! I am also sorry I am not there to keep you in line! sorry bout it. Here the food is only OK. I miss Mom's cooking and the great food I ate all the time!
I loved the packages!!!! I had a really hard week and they helped me feel better. so thank you!
You are a good teacher though, so I know that no matter what, what you are doing is good. There is no better thing you could be teaching. Plus kids need your example and complex view of the world and gospel in their lives.

I really do miss family dinner. I miss seeing all of my cousins and aunts and uncles and I miss nana and papa and gram and reed. I miss all yall. 
Zhongwen is a language that requires most of my thoughts so I don't think about things outside of Chinese a lot, but when I do I realize how blessed I was! Though it is terribly sad that family dinners are less and less of a frequent event. I guess I was the glue! hahajk but I hope that we can all have at least one more upon my return.

I have had dreams where I get hit by a car or die from a mosquito bite and I am very fearful sometimes. I know I shouldn't be but I get worried. I think though most of all I don't fear for my own life, I just don't think Our family could handle it..

Anyways, thank you for the advice, and I hope you know I really am doing good. I pray for you every single day. I fast for you as well.
Love you all, Love Elder Christensen

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