Monday, June 6, 2016


Well, another transfer has come to an end and I am entering the final passage of this great journey. My companion Elder Robinson was moved to GuiShan which is on the other side of the island. I probably won't see him till the day I get on the airplane. 
I enjoyed thoroughly my time with him. In one way it was one of the hardest 2 transfers of my mission because he was my first honest and bold companion. He was the only one so far that would really correct me. He would tell me when I was wrong and he would not let it go. IT HURT, but I grew a lot and learned how to take criticism a lot better. I think I am still working on all those small things, but I have definitely learned a lot. I love him a lot. He is one of my brothers till I die.
My new companion is Elder Luther. Elder Luther is the closest I have seen anyone get to me as far as interests go. HE IS THE BEST! We get along really well and just have a good time every day. We have seen a ton of miracles already together. 
One of the coolest was we were finding on bikes in a small relaxed city in our area and I waved at this girl but she just kept walking so my comp was like "we'll have none of that!" and he just chased her down and she is super cool! 

We had a super smooth lesson with her, her name is Su Ti Xuan, and then the next day she attended church for all three hours, stayed after talking with people till we left and then at 6:15 met up with us at the MRT station and we took a group to the temple square chapel and attended the monthly fireside for all Recent Converts and investigators. IT WAS AWESOME. When we got there she turned to me and was like "this place is beautiful." It was super great. She is super cool. Super cool end of the week miracle. Super.
We are pumped for this new transfer and I am super stoked to be finishing it with Elder Luther. Elder Sumsion who lives with me grew up with Elder Luther and we are all super great friends. IT IS SO MUCH FUN EVERYDAY!! 

Elder Henry David Christensen 

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