Monday, September 8, 2014

An Inconsistent Schedule

This week was a boxing match. My body vs. Rocky Balboa. I lost.
I went to the doctor's office on the 5th of September because I had been sick for 2 weeks already. He said I was past a virus and that I needed some good medicines.
He wrote me a prescription for 2 different antibiotic pills that are just healing stuff and then some very strong cough syrup.
The health clinic is outside of the MTC and about a half mile away so not to far but I was coughing out my soul the whole way there.
We got the medicine and it wasn't too expensive, only twenty bucks or so, and headed back to the MTC.
It was weird being outside of the MTC for even a few minutes. On our way back, a car screamed at us but we couldn't understand them, luckily there were some other elders just in front
of us and the car screamed at them " WE APPRECIATE YOU!!!!" so we knew they weren't out for blood. We got back into the class room and I loaded up on the drugs and totally lost it. I drew some really weird pictures and felt like there was helium in my veins! 

We got back that night and I went to bed and slept OK.
The next day was pretty good. The drugs were helping and I was starting to feel better! but...
The next day I woke up and I was a little off still. But it wasn't as good of a feeling. And took my medicine. BAD IDEA! I felt really sick and couldn't focus at all.
I started throwing up and I couldn't hold anything down, so my companion made me go back to the Susha (residency) and I slept for the whole day. I felt bad because we missed temple walk, priesthood, fast and testimony meeting,
and barely made it to dinner. But by then I was feeling better and it was great! I ate dinner and though my body was shaking all night I made it through two devotionals and a movie before bed. 
By bedtime I was feeling greaat!!!
Paul Huntsman's parents gave him a bunch of Tai food somehow and he had a ton so he shared it! I haven't had that good of food since the last meal I ate at home! The curry was my favorite part. It was probably my favorite part of the MTC I have had in a while. SO AWESOME. And luckily I didn't feel sick at all. My synopsis of this whole situation is that cough syrup made my body so weak it was just rejecting everything.
I got to the last page of my little brown leather journal this week and I was sad because I wanted to write the first page in Taiwan! But oh well... I started the Journal on 3/18/14!! So it made it pretty far! Now I will start writing in the
super cool black leather journal Kristin Christensen gave me! YAHOO! I am excited about that! 
It is weird looking back on my opinion of people and all the weird people that have passed in and out of my life. I also realize I am pretty insensitive. haha oh well :)
I got a lot of packages and wonderful letters this last week and I want to express my gratitude but I will do that over letter!
So in regard to the new mission call, I am very excited! I think it will be a great experience but I really just want to leave the MTC!! I will be the end of all this have 4 different sets of name tags
probably haha. (English, English/Mandarin, Mandarin, and one with both full languages side by side!)
I am feeling better today and I hope this is the week I leave this accursed place (jk it's not too bad, but I also hate it) :D
love Elder Christensen

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