Monday, September 1, 2014

Elder Christensen~Taiwan

Here is my first letter to all you wonderful people! If you know someone else who might want it, send me their emails! It took me a lot of time to plug in all the addresses so this letter will be short!
The mtc is good. But I want to leave pretty dang bad. It has been 54 days.
Elder Ellsworth
We were scheduled to leave the 5th of September but then our visas didn't come so it will be random when we leave -haha booyah. That event made this week really hard because we were so ready and then all of the sudden we just aren't leaving. So it messed up our mind-set quite a bit. 
I was really down in the dumps and I just couldn't be positive. I was so ready to get out of here!!
Elder Griffin, me and Elder Perkins
But then I prayed. I prayed for like 15 minutes and after that I felt motivated and happy. At that time I got up and I made some goals. 
Elders England and Barton, and Elder Perkins
My companion and I plan to accelerate out of the MTC. 
In life we kind of wait things out. And we were on our way to doing that. We were just waiting to leave the MTC. And I think that's why our visas did not come. We had to learn that small lesson. So instead of just sitting and waiting for Taiwan we have decided to accelerate. Accelerate right into the field and after that accelerate through life. We all can use constant improvement. And when we try to constantly improve we will find more happiness as well as success. 
Elder Miner
So this week was hard. But I learned a lot and I would even go so far as to say it was life changing. 
Thanks to all of you for always being a support! I am grateful!
the Provo Temple
Next week will be longer! and when I am in Taiwan I will have a lot more exciting things to tell you all!
Love, Elder Christensen

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