Monday, October 13, 2014

So Long Idaho!!

the AP.s and my companion and I (in Idaho)
Thanks for the email ma
This last little bit of time has been wild. 

I don't have much emailing time sadly so I will have to do a lot of catch up later! UMM 
Ok first and maybe most importantly. 
I am in TAIWAN!! And i have no money!! 
this family is Bishop Hillam's... he is like Doug
Right now it is almost 12 noon and it is the 6th. So we skipped an entire day in traveling here haha
my journal is just missing one day! haha
Yesterday we went to a big park and met a whole bunch of people and shared our wonderful message with a few of the ones who were interested. Most took at least a temple card but all were Buddhist and didn't want a Book of Mormon haha
Then this morning we ran to the Shanghai Sheck memorial and checked that out. We ran, all 30 of us plus President Day, and it was the first work out i have had in a while. I loved it and it was soo cool! I will try and get pictures to you soon but I can't right now. But get stoked!! 
Idaho Falls District

In Japan I bought Spirited Away playing cards!! They are soo cool!!!
But even after all my travels I still have not had any Asian food of any kind. We have had sandwiches (ham and cheese), Spaghetti, and pancakes with bacon. SO I am still yearning for some Chinese food. But other than that I am doing so wonderfully and am excited to meet my companion and get into the field. We leave the mission home in about 2 days and that's where it really begins so I am stoked for that. 
我是你們的兒子 heehe
have a good week I love you all and know that the CHURCH IS TRUE! 
  • Elder C
Henry got to see Adelide in the airport!

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