Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Possession in Taiwan

We are serving in Daxi which is two hours away from Taipei. It is awesome. 

We woke up as normal and did our studies but then got informed we had a special training, so we biked all the way to Taoyan which is like an hour or so away if you bike fast and we did, so we made it pretty quick. 

And then we had a special training and it was awesome! We learned a lot about the use of pamphlets and stuff. It was good. 

Anyways we headed home and by that time it was 5 so it was getting dark, so of course we decided to look for a former investigator who the last elders thought was possessed. She lives in the middle of no where. We biked for quite some time and asked a lot of people but her address doesn't exist. There was a dark feeling in the area and we really could feel that. This island has had a lot of cases of that where a missionary will state they are a representative of Christ and another voice not belonging to the individual will answer. 

Otherwise this week was busy and good! I will be writing again in about 3 days. Thanks for the news and stuff. That pumpkin party looked fun!! I am glad I am still your son.
Tell Hannah she is awesome and tell Adelide to not get married but to keep helping Lillie. I miss those guys and that ward.. The wards here are tiny! But awesome too.
I am doing well in all ways. And I am lovin' it as Ronald McDonald says i am doing well and I wish you luck. I pray for you every day. no foolin.

The Church is pretty awesome that is a cool fun fact.
I love you and I hope you are doing super well
-Elder Christensen

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