Monday, November 3, 2014

ROCKET-WATCH! & The Sanity Hypothesis

First, this week was very great! Our 2 baptisms didn't go through for unforeseen reasons but we are hopeful that they will still happen soon! 

We found a new investigator from English Boarding, which is where we just hand out English tracks and tell people to come learn English. I was just walking and saw this guy with a tank top and girl on his arm and I was like "you need to be baptized!" So I handed him an English track and he was interested, which doesn't really happen often, so that was really exciting! Then Elder Dexter was like "hey you need to come to church." 
TAIPEI 101 SANDWICH close enough right? 

So the very next day he, his name is Zeng Dixion (brother), came to Church and stayed the whole time and even had a lesson with us after! He is a "golden investigator" and already has a baptismal date! Our ward mission leader sat in and helped us teach him and it turned out really well. He said he only has time on Sundays to be taught, so he would just come to Church, which I can't complain about because getting our investigators to church is the hardest part. 

His date is the 6th of December but if he keeps coming to Church and we teach him all of the lessons, we may be able to move it up to this month! Which would be wonderful because we have very few members in our area and I can already see him becoming a very strong one. So that experience was a good testimony builder because we had been doing that for hours and I was getting tired of it ha ha. Goes to show that Endure to the End means all the time everyday! 

Second, I have a hypothesis that involves every person who comes to Taiwan for extended periods of time. The Sanity Hypothesis encompasses Elders, Sisters and Natives alike and it is this: To live in Taiwan you must either be crazy or very smart. Everyone is either one or the other, though in some rare cases you may be both. I am not sure whether I am crazy or smart but I know it is one of those two. :D We meet a lot of crazy people...
Third, I bought a really cool watch with Spaceships and rockets on it.
This is my 4X3 Rubiks cube
my favorite hat (read Closely)
This is Pan DX. He is a very busy guy who is always working but totally believes in the gospel. We meet with him while he is working twice a week and he has all the lessons memorized. Sadly he is leaving our area and returning to his home in lower Taiwan but he said he will have more time there and is definitely going to be baptized so we sent his information to the missionaries down there!! We are excited to hear what happens.
this is Joe he goes to our English class every week and is awesome but sadly because of Taiwan law he has to join the army so he is now in the Navy and will be there for a year.. so we will miss him too. 
this is the package i sent but don't know if when or how it will get home

It sounds like Halloween was really fun! I am sad to have missed it. But I am doing better things here for sure.
This island is possessed a little but it makes for fun times! The devil aint got nothin on me.
 I love you and hope you are doing well. I miss you and pray for you every night, Thank you for your prayers I have already felt their blessing power help me through a lot of hard things.

Read or listen to President Hinckley's talk "find my lambs, feed my sheep" and try to help the work progress in seminary. Kids don't have to go on missions to be missionaries. we need help out here man!  The devil is working harder than ever before and kids can't wait till their missions to be missionaries anymore. that is one thing I regret a lot. 
I miss you all and hope you know I am the boss champ gamji man. (this has no meaning)
Love your son,
Elder C

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