Monday, April 25, 2016


Tom is a great guy. We were contacting on the streets on day when we met Tom. He was super nice but a little timid and seemed pretty apprehensive as well. But he was willing so we met with him. Multiple times. The first time he was pretty quiet and not to receptive but we kept sharing and he opened up a little bit. He expressed his worries and doubts for his family and their safety. We were able to use the gospel to guide him to the realization that he could, through Christ, have peace. 

After meeting with him about 4 times he confided in my companion on the side that he had already been baptized. This often occurs because there are a lot of christian churches in Taiwan, so we weren't surprised. We asked "was it in our church?" He said it was not and we told him that next time we would talk about why he can and needs to be baptized again. So we met again and boy did we pound it. We taught all we knew about prophets, authority of the Priesthood and the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and he just would not budge. We found our words had no effect. 

He kept saying "I am already baptized!" and asking why he needed to get baptized again. We followed up with other questions and eventually in a moment of frustration he blurted, " I AM ALREADY A MORMON!".... My companion's and my eyes met  and we both started laughing. Our ward mission leader, who was present for the lesson also started laughing and we all had a good long chuckle. Thus we met Tom the L.A. (less active). 

Also, a sister missionary got stressed this week and ran away. She was gone for like 5 hours and no one knew where she was. She is fine now I guess but it was really unusual. She is super intense and is having a hard time because she got put into an area that is kind of struggling. We are trying to help her. But she is kind of a tough case. Wish us luck! We are focusing on charity with her. 
Good vibes bring it all full circle. We must have love and joy when we come in contact with God’s children to have good vibes. 

Elder Henry David Christensen 

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