Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Like Two Peas and then a Pod

We biked up to this pot in only 40 minutes
We killed it this last week with some great workouts and then started today at 4:00 a.m. with a trip to the mountain city of ShiDing. 
It is a 26 miles ride and 90% of it is straight up hill, so it was a great work out. We rode it pretty fast. We got up and down with some break time in just 3 hours which was pretty good considering terrain. 
The trip takes you up a long hill through the mountains with no flats and some steep parts which took us 40 minutes and then there is a peak looking over the great valley of ShiDing. 

After resting and waiting for the rest of the gang, we rode down a hill which was steeper, but shorter by just a kilometer. The turns were pretty sharp so we had to slow down a few times, but over all it was pretty smooth and it was a beautiful ride. 
Biking is fun for the journey. Ultimately there are few places/destinations that will be better than the journey itself. After visiting this small town we headed back up. 

Going back up this hill took us 30 minutes to scale and was a killer on my legs but super worth it. Then it was a good cruise downhill for about 20 minutes and we were home. ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE! 
the first peak in shiding
I loved the views and time to exercise. I also was pleased because I was in charge of planning the trip and it went well and a lot of missionaries came and went safely, so it was good.
I have been working on my art skills recently
We received news that I will be staying with Elder Robinson this next transfer and I am stoked about that. We will have only one left after we split! 
I think this transfer will go by fast, which I am sad about, but I am good friends with my companion and I have so much to learn from him still! I am excited to say the least! 

We have a baptism coming up next Saturday and we are excited for that and then today we are going to the temple, which is also a great blessing. I am doing great and loving my mission. Y'all 加油!

Elder Henry David Christensen 

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