Monday, July 14, 2014

First week in the MTC

 I GOT YOUR LETTERS~ but I am waiting to read them till I have time to sit down and reply to them, which I am going to do today hopefully. I don't have a passport holder and I could always use some cheetos haha jkjk. But maybe some pills, like advil and claritin would be nice :D  
My companion is Elder Griffin. He is from Syracuse and is awesome! like I said in that other email, there are six of us and about 3 of them are from the same town as Elder Griffin. They are all really hard workers and very loving guys. We all help each other get better and it's amazing how much I have changed and learned in just a few days. 
The days are like months here but the weeks go by fast, so it's a weird thing but kinda fun. I have been falling asleep in every setting and I hope it's because I have been sick. But if not, I'll just have to train myself to stay active and awake. 
SO yes. My P days are Mondays and we woke up at 6 sharp to go to the temple and just got back. The session was about 3 hours long and I could feel my love for my companion and district growing in that short time. 
I am so bad at writing but I am trying hard. I will improve!!
Love Ke Zhanglao

(later that day)...

Your letters were awesome! Haha I miss Ethan, Rosie and both of you. This week was awesome! very busy, like I said, but I am loving it. My companions name is Elder Griffin and he's a stellar guy. He is a genius when it comes to Chinese so I am trying to keep up. We have six elders in our room and it's actually really fun! We spend a large part of our day for studying Chinese and the other part either eating or studying Preach My Gospel. I have seen so many guys from OLY. I see Elders: Spurrier, Jones, Burton, Anderton, Ellsworth, Pettit, Flynn, and Evans quite frequently. I have been sick the entire time here but an elder in my district, Elder Pincock who I'll tell you more about later, hooked me up with the drugs. SO i am feeling happy. :D 
The first or second day, I can't remember which because they blend together, we were able to talk to real investigators as a crowd and it was great to see their reactions. The spirit was soo strong and I developed a love for them instantly. The first of those investigators was named Sarah and she was SAAAASSSY. Every remark an elder made was instantly shut down. It was kind of funny. Until we were able to teach with the spirit instead of knowledge she wouldn't listen. 
My companion and I have now taught twice with the same investigator in Chinese. She is awesome, and because she is an actor, she agrees with everything we say. Our broken Chinese is getting us far. We teach 3 times this week so that will be very fun. Last night we went to a Sunday night devotional and the topic was "Charity." It was an amazing talk and I learned a lot. I had some scriptures written down but we came straight from the temple so all my notes are gone. I am going to try to spend a long time writing notes today. 

ADELIDE I MET ELDER TAYLOR. He is serving in England (I think) but because he is speaking Chinese I see him around. That is so crazy that we are in the MTC at the same time!!
I love it here and I am at a loss of words and running low on time to do anything, so I will spend a lot longer on my handwritten letters to you. Love you all!!

Forward this to Doug. Get him on this train!

Elder Ke Zhanglao

(even later that day)...
I have a few more minutes. So I'll see what I can fit in. I am a very slow typer and it is hindering my ability to write well. We started having gym time on Friday and we played soccer. It had just rained so it was really funny watching 40 elders try to kick a ball around but just slipping and falling every time. Haha my district led with the most goals and it was way fun. Then on Saturday we played beach volleyball and it was way fun but being at the mtc they don't want us to keep score. So I don't know who won but it was fun. My district leader and I were in the back waiting for the ball to come and we both dove for it and I broke my pinky. 

We just sprayed each other with sand and I got sand in every hole on my head. My nose and ear took a good hour to clean out haha
It was really nice to get outside! 

Alright I have to go now but I love you and I'll send letters soon! LOVE YOU
YES THAT IS JAMISON ! haha  I hope you enjoy my photographs. because i pour my heart and soul into them.

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