Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 2 in the MTC

Hi Family,
I am glad you miss me! haha Well, like mom promised, letters and packages mean a lot. I have received two letters in total and one package, and I am extremely grateful for that! It has been hard here. The language is killer and sometimes I feel hopeless. BUT. there are also times when I feel I could move mountains. And that makes it all worth it. But please! Stop talking about my foods Douglas. I miss steak and I miss wings so stahp. haha 

How was your hike? I remember having dried blood on my face from tripping and being 7 I felt like a man so I just left it there. 

I love the Schwartz family. Paul is a sterling example of a knowledgeable missionary. My companion is similar (meaning he knows a lot), but he doesn't know how to teach it so we are learning together and we have been able to grow closer through that, but we aren't that close. He is quiet so we don't talk too much.  I definitely like him a lot though. The only problem is that he likes to take his time and I hate being late to things, so it's been stressful. But even worse is my district leader who is the messiest guy around. haha I am dying here. Our room inspection got all A's except for him and they said he needs to work on it haha.
I have been doing pushups and sit ups every morning to get in shape then we head up to the fields and run around for a few miles then play soccer so the exercise is awesome and we have fun. I have made some great friends here. There are two in my district who I really like, Elder Jensen and Elder Pincock, and then a few in a neighboring district. Among them is Elder Perkins who is seriously a stellar guy. We share a lot of interests but he also has a girl at home and so we relate to each other a lot through that. This is good because I miss Mattie a lot and it's nice to be able to talk about it with someone.  
I just got back from initiatories and on my way out was a group of Olympus/ensemble friends haha. John Newton, Ryan Tatton, and a whole bunch of others were waiting for me at the door haha. So it was awesome being able to see them. Ryan Tatton comes into the MTC this week so I'll see him again fairly soon hah.  Anyways, I just sent you a package with my broken camera and the shoes that didn't fit which I talk more about in the letter I sent. That letter also contains a list that must be regarded with the utmost scrutiny. I sent the SD card with the camera so you can download the pictures at home. But my camera broke right before I took a picture, so my companion took this pic on his camera. 
Here are pictures of all the Olympus kids we could find!
This next week is going to be intense so get ready for a letter that will not be for the faint of heart. I am doing my laundry right now and I must say, I am a pro. Bet ma will be proud.
UMMMMMM... It rained the other day and now I am super excited for Taiwan. Because it was like 90 degrees while it was raining haha so it seems pretty similar. I loved it though. I am super excited to make it to Taiwan. It will be a whirl wind.
Alright, I love you all like I say in the letter and hope your days are filled with countless blessings
Elder Christensen

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