Monday, December 1, 2014

9000 miles

Great week here in Daxi! We had a lot of miracles and it went by very quickly. This Friday and Saturday we were able to go on zone leader exchanges and I was with Elder Darger. Together we were able to meet some cool people and have a few lessons together and it was really fun and I learned a lot. I realized that I have a lot more things to work on than I previously thought. It was a really great experience! He is about 23 and was baptized at 20-21ish, and his conversion story is pretty cool. He is a really good elder. He is also really down to earth and has a very powerful testimony. It is always interesting to go on exchanges with other Elders because everyone is different in levels of knowledge and in how missionary work should be.  

We also met with a girl who we believe to be under some type of possession. I believe I told you a little about her but we were finally able to meet with her. She, Xiao Xiaojie, didn't say one word to us and would only speak through her mother. I also never made eye contact so who knows what is behind her eyes. It wasn't too creepy of a lesson except for one part where her mother was telling us about her visions and how she say a lot of spirits in her dreams. Some of them were black spirits and some were white ad all were trying to pull her away from her body. Of course I didn't understand this in Chinese so as Elder Dexter was translating in English she just started laughing. It was sorta really freaky. Mostly because she doesn't speak English but it was like she knew what he was telling me and was laughing at what I was hearing like it was a game.. Weird. She wouldn't allow us to pray in their home either.. But oh well. 

Pan DX's sister, who has brain cancer, is having a tough recovery and may not make it. He is having a really hard time over coming this trial so we dropped by and I read D&C 122 with him. It is all about being able to overcome trials and how God will be with us. He seemed to like it a lot and though he hasn't been able to come to Church because he keeps visiting his sister, he is reading and praying. 

    Elder Darger gave us a C.D. with some covers of hymns that he did with his band and my favorite one is "500 Hundred Miles." It talks about being 500 hundred miles away from home and reminds me that I am actually about 9000 miles away from home and that is a pretty funny thought. 

Taiwan is an amazing place. I find that by just staying positive and never talking bad about where I am or saying anything negative in general warrants blessings. Be happy about where you are. One things I learned this week is that I am really not a perfect companion (not that I thought I was haha) and though Elder Dexter is not either, my next companion could have a lot more flaws. So always look for the positive in people because it could always be worse. I may be changing companions this transfer so by next Monday I could be in a different area or at least have a new companion. I will let you know!! I love you all and this Church is true! 
Elder C 

Henry's Zone Leader wrote this about Henry:

"This week I went with Elder Christensen, a fireball who just got here fresh out of high school. I really enjoy the opportunity to help the younger missionaries not get so stressed out about the little things and see the big picture. I like to help them see how to find balance between working hard and enjoying their time serving the Master. At least that's what I hope I do."

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