Monday, December 8, 2014

It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Freezing)

This week's title is in honor of my favorite Bob Dylan song 
"It's Alright Ma (I'm only bleeding)"
Many missionaries arrive to Taiwan with very few warm clothes and are not very prepared for cold weather. I am one of those missionaries. 

And this week was very very cold. Being unable to move your hands makes it very easy to forget the reason you are outside. So the work was really difficult this week. 

It gave me a lot of time to think as we biked against wind (that almost took me off my bike a few times) that though it was not the coldest day I had ever seen, because I was unprepared it felt like it was the coldest day in my life. The first thing I thought about when I compared my life to this week was that when I was prepared for the cold it was a lot easier to overcome it and stay focused on what was important. In contrast when I was not prepared for biting winds, I was much more susceptible to them and I lost sight. 

Of course I could have bought a jacket but missionaries are very poor! And I had better places to spend my money. I bought this really good ice cream at a Family Mart (which is similar to 7-11) that is peach and mango flavored and it is the perfect mix. So I guess I was a little cold due to my own fault but it was worth it. 
This week was the end of the transfer and we were stressed because one of us had a chance of leaving. But when they called us they just said that my companion is now the district leader! He has a lot of responsibilities now and I am excited to learn more about what leadership positions have to do. We are planning on some pretty fun P-day and district meeting activities. 
We were able to meet with George twice this week, once with my old District leader, Elder Rassmussen, and then with my companion. The first time we discussed the baptismal interview questions but only made it through the first two because George had some very good questions. We learned that even though we had taught him everything that he had forgotten a lot of it. So it was good to catch that before he is baptized. Then when I came back with Elder Dexter we finished those questions, and boy does George have a strong testimony. When we asked him about the Prophet he said "Since we have modern day prophets to receive modern revelation for us, we can know where God wants us to be." What a beautiful answer!! He is really pumped about getting baptized. We are still trying to help him find a job and we are buying him a bus card so he can get to and from church. The ward even said they would fund it!! How wonderful! 
I am doing well my self and we are working hard to keep Daxi going. I wish all of you a happy Christmas season! Remember to share the "He is the Gift" video on all social media sites because it is awesome and may help someone come closer to Christ! 

Love your only boy
Elder Christensen

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