Monday, December 29, 2014

Rainy Sundays

We woke up on Friday morning and followed schedule, but as Elder Dexter turned on the water he exclaimed "We have no hot water!" We learned quickly that our water heater is broken and again we have no hot showers. Now they are even colder though because it is winter. So I have been a little disobedient because I have not taken a shower in a few days. We are trying to get it fixed but we are also completely out of money so we have to wait til next year to get hot water again. 
On Sunday we woke up and carried on as normal. Our usual Sunday meeting where we discuss our areas with our ward mission leader was cancelled so I had a little studying time before we had to ride our bikes through the rain up to Church. We parked our bikes under the freeway that is literally 10 feet away from our building so they wouldn't be in the rain all night and we quickly realized that may not have been the best idea.
 As we rounded the corner and looked down towards our bikes we both noticed quickly that Elder Dexters bike was no where to be found. We searched around for about 20 minutes until it was 8:50 and we had to get to Church. We took the bus up and figured we could look for it again later but Elder Dexter was pretty down and I was just surprised because my bike looks so much nicer, and is a lot newer, so why did they take his!?
Elder Perkins from the MTC
Church was regular. The sisters had a lot of investigators come and Elder Dexter did his first baptismal interview so it was all pretty good. In the second hour everyone talked about how at one point thy had been addicted to coffee and how they had overcome it. It was a Coffee Anonymous circle and the missionaries were just kind there haha.
After all of the meetings a member gave us a ride home because we have no money for the bus. Once there we ate lunch, prepared a dinner of nutella and grape jelly sandwiches and walked up into our area with a prayer in our hearts to find success and to find Elder Dexter's bike.
new zealand honey and the slow loris stuffed animal that mattie sent me
We had it planned to visit a potential at that time but when she was not home we went next door and met with Brother Li. He is super old and forgets us almost every time but he is always welcoming and this time he played the harmonica for us haha. He was actually really good at it too, it was crazy, but that is besides the point. 
We had a small share with him about Christmas and then we started walking to I don't know where but it seemed like we were guided by the spirit. I say that because as we arrived to the front of a grocery store we looked across the street and Elder Dexter's bike was just sitting there. It was unlocked and looked like it never had been locked. His helmet, umbrella and neon safety belt were all gone but we found it! We waited for a while to see if anyone came out to ride it away but they never did so we just left. BUT WE FOUND HIS BIKE! So our prayers were answered there for sure. 
A few more things happened but that was the most crazy thing that happened this week. It was a whirlwind. Recently it has been pretty blustery weather but not as cold. My Christmas was awesome! Thank you to all those who sent me gifts and Christmas cards! Thank you!! Have a happy new year!! 
Elder Henry David Christensen

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