Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I'm Lovin' It

This week was an interesting one for sure. Early last Wednesday morning we received a call that we (Elder Dexter and I) would both be leaving Daxi and that it would be closing down. The area was going through a rough patch but it was mostly due to the fact that there have been no new missionaries for a while because of visa problems. So there were quite a few areas that got closed down. 
We were told to just pack all day and we had to pack everything. Literally every thing left our apartment and it was left empty. We had some movers to help luckily but that took up the whole day. 
After all of that we had a baptismal interview with George but he forgot a lot of the things we taught him and he did not pass which was sad but we made a goal to get him baptized! 
Anyways, we had our English class party and Elder Dexter and I played guitar and Uke songs for a game of musical chairs! It was really fun and kinda wild. We spent the next day saying goodbyes and then slept at the other Elders apartment that night. 
In the morning we headed to Taibei for the transfer meeting! Elder Dexter was sent to Hua Lian which is the most beautiful area apparently but it is super far away so I won't see him for a long time... I got called to serve in the east zone with Elder Love who is from Utah and went to Orem High! 
He comes from a family of 8 kids and likes to make weird voices. He also has a good music taste and is really good at remembering to call our investigators. He is also very handsome and the girls here make a point of telling him every five minutes haha. He is awesome! He is a really hard worker and we are already really good friends. I LOVE HIM! Haha. He lives his name to a point. He loves everyone and works really hard to prove it. I was getting kinda depressed in Daxi to be honest but I am so happy now! 
We are serving in Luodong which is right on the coast on the east side of the island. It is a bigger city with a lot more people, no hills, and a whole lot of wonderful members! It is pretty much the opposite of Daxi. Our apartment is also a lot nicer but that isn't too important. 
We have an investigator named Lin Cheng Rong who is 10 and so prepared. His baptism is this Sunday! When Elder Love told me about this ten year old I was doubtful to how much he knew or understood but I should not have doubted. He has a lot of strength and understanding. I have met some wonderful people and we have already seen a lot of success as a companionship! I am very excited to tell you of our adventures here! I am doing so well and I LOVE MY NEW AREA! 
I learned a lot from Daxi. I can only go up from here. 
Love you all and if you have any questions email me at: 

Elder Henry David Christensen 

p.s. We taught a lesson on the tree of life last night and today I got a letter from Papa all about it and a small painting of the tree of life. WOAH I must need to learn something from it because it has come up a lot recently..

I LOVED THE PICTURES OF SPENCER! HE IS SO AWESOME. I could feel the spirit by just looking at the pictures! it was really weird. He is a spiritual giant. I hope to become as powerful of a missionary as he was and is. 
so long Elder Dexter!

Daxi District

the dark haired man is my district leader

this is calligraphy of my fav scripture alma 26:12 that my bishop did for me.
he is renowned around the world and this would normally cost a couple hundred
but the gave it to us for freee.
He signed my name and his on there~!!