Monday, January 12, 2015

Last week with Ding

Our friend who let me play his guitar~! Jason Chang
This paragraph is in memorial of my time with Elder Dexter (Ding). This week will be our last week together! This Wednesday is transfer meeting and one of us will be moving. 
Elder Dexter is from Tennessee. He likes anime, pokemon and has a pretty good taste in music. We never fought and resolved all concerns without a problem. He is always willing to do the hard things and is a great missionary. I feel honored to have served with him. 
One thing in particular I noticed that I loved was that he was really good friends with a lot of members and people he had met throughout his mission. They would drive over an hour (which is a lot here) just to visit him for a half an hour. I would love to gain that kind of friendship with the people I meet and I learned a lot from Elder Dexter. 
We had some hard times this week but I learned some good lessons. I got to go on exchanges with Elder McClellan and he is awesome. He is always happy and it helped me learn how smiling can help even when you are not too happy. I used that theory the next day while English boarding. As we tried to hand out tracts we got denied and denied but I took the opportunity to just smile and I noticed a lot more people that were willing to listen because I looked happy. So this week was another week of small but important lessons. 
A bishopric member's kids when they fed us dinner we played chinese chess after
Our Buddhist friend said they needed help in their Miao-Temple, so of course we went to help. They took us in and went upstairs. We walk into a room full of monks praying and bowing and singing and all the like. Worshiping false idols and stuff all day everyday. They took us in and all the monks just stared at us but didn't break their worship. We just stood there and our friend said, "hey, do this" and bowed or something. I was thinking, OK this is weird, and I am not worshiping these false Gods but I didn't want to offend so we went through the actions and then left. Then they told us to come back the next day. 
Haha so we got spiked by a Buddhist, which means they had a lesson with us and set up another "lesson" so we count as a new investigator. It was really weird... We didn't go back. I did learn something important from that experience. Whenever we invite someone to Church and they don't know what to expect then they will feel like I felt. It is really important to explain Church to people or else they will not want to come back, and also be welcoming and don't just stare at people I learned that too.
Butterfly hallway
I may move this Wednesday! But if I don't move then my companion will and it will be a new experience! SO wish me luck! I love you all and have a great week! I love you mom and I pray for you every day. I pray you can overcome your trials and stay the happy lovable person you have always been. I miss your hugs this week and the smell of Doterra that always wore off on me after I hugged you. Love your son,
Elder Henry David Christensen 
Art museum

p.s. I GOT YOUR CHRISTMAS CARD AND LOVED IT! I HAVE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!!!!!! Thank you. I keep it with me all the time. 

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