Monday, February 16, 2015

fun times in babylon

Slippery, Be Caution

This week was really hard but we also saw some pretty cool miracles. We went to a Miao (Chinese temple) last P-day and I had a really strong impression. I have been to a lot of Miaos but as I walked through this one I felt especially dark. It was really kinda scary and I just didn't feel good. Though it was fun to see the building and the cool dragon themed statues, watching people worship money was kind of a hard thing to witness. 

There is a large spinning pyramid with tons of names in little triangle boxes that cost about 100 american dollars and they are supposed to bless your family with more money. So, it's probably not much different than the lottery, but at least the lottery isn’t done in the name of deity. In sum, I don't like going to their temples because they seem like misguided worship.
Our investigator, Lin Jun Feng, was really offended by our beliefs regarding the traditional religion (meaning how we believe Buddha was just a person) and because of it he said we can continue to visit him but he will not accept our message. He was our most progressing investigator so it was sad to see him drop off so quickly but we found other people who are ready and we just have to work harder and teach with the spirit. 
One of our recent converts, Huang Shi Neng, had a tragic event happen in his life. His older brother died suddenly and because of it Huang relapsed and is drinking a lot of alcohol as well as smoking to try to wash away his sorrow and we just can't get through to him. He is such a wonderful man and it has been very difficult watching him fall down so far and even our bishop, who I regard as very wise, says that he doesn't quite know how to help him until he stops drinking. I have seen first hand the effects of alcohol and how deteriorating it can be. He is unresponsive and hardly seems himself. We have already thrown his alcohol out twice but still the problem is a difficult one that he will need some real faith to get over. Please pray for him. 

On a more positive note, I got to go on exchanges with Elder Marchant (my zone leader)! He is an awesome missionary and a great zone leader. It made me realize even more that zone leaders are pretty busy people. But he taught me a lot and because I was with him I got to go to an awesome service project near Shilin. 

It was a great project and it was a beautiful day to set up some tables for homeless people. I was also happy to see so many wonderful volunteers and other missionaries. It was awesome and this week we also found some new investigators and friends. I am doing great and know if we just work hard we will find success! 
Elder Henry David Christensen 

p.s. We just ate pig ears, pig intestines, and pig head skin for lunch.

Dad, This new opportunity is a really big part of your life I hope you know I am with you as yo spirit brotha. I love you douglas. I sincerely hope that you can know if this job is right for you. You have worked too hard on a good cause to not be happy.
Be ready. I am training every day. haha
I am a very flawed person ma. I love you to death. I am working as hard as I can and I am excited to pull you up a mountain next year.
Love your only and very best boy

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