Monday, February 9, 2015


Me with Ruby, Ryan and the little one is Xiao Rou who may have a little crush on me hahaha
This was an awesome week! We found a man named Lin Jun Feng. He had actually flagged down Elder Love a while before but we just never met with him until this last Tuesday. He is 63 years old and has a full head of white hair. He is retired and has a very open schedule. He is willing to meet whenever and has wonderful questions about what we teach. Because he is a older we feared he was crazy because it seemed to good to be true (plus older people here often are a little off the rocker,) but he is really smart. 
He has pretty low self esteem when he doesn't get what we are saying. But at Church and throughout the week we had him meet some members that could translate for us because he speaks in Taiyu half the time. So, now he has friends and people that can help build him up and encourage him. He is already moving forward quickly with the Book of Mormon and his prayers are very sweet. 
these are from her birthday party she is right next to me. We ate cake with their class haha

All around he is a very lovable guy and I am excited for him to progress in the gospel. Really awesome experience finding someone who is ready to hear our message. 
Last Wednesday we had four new students come to English class that live in our area and are willing to listen as well. We have seen a lot of blessings as far as finding people to teach it is awesome. They are all girls about seventeen-ish and they are super cool. They ask really good questions and also love English class so we will see them a lot which is good. Athena, one of them, plays the cello and then Joyce is learning guitar so it is really cool to talk about music. They are all reading and praying it is so cool! 
We also got to go to a little girl named Xiao Rou's birthday party at her kindergarten. Every time she seems me she yells out KE GAHNGLAO. Haha she sort of has a speech impediment and says it wrong. She is so cute and when we have to leave she says that I can't. It is really funny. Her family however has recently stated that they cannot be baptized but will still listen to what we have to say. That was really hard and sad but the lord will always provide if we work hard. Their hearts will be opened sooner or later. I am doing wonderfully and am enjoying life!  
 Elder Henry David Christensen 

p.s. Blake Bailey is going on a mission!?! This is the first I heard so I am surprised. That is soo COOL! I hadn't heard of any of these that is awesome. Where is Blake going though? 
I miss Lillie too. She is so great. Tell her to keep going and that God will always be there to hold her hand. When others are sad and down you can always count on Lillie to be the one to brighten each and every day. She is too hard on herself.
I love Elder Holland. What an awesome man. That is pretty cool you got to see an Apostle of Christ in person! I have seen the Prophet 2 times in person I think. 
Thank you mom!!!!! You are the best. I bet you didn't think I would be giving you so much homework! 
I love you mommy. Never forget it. I read an article from a past Liahona by Shayne M. Bowen about the fight going on inside each of us and liked it. It talks about wolves you should try to find it! 

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