Sunday, February 22, 2015


This week was Chinese New Years and was a week of gratitude. We had so many friends, including members and investigators, that had us over for dinner. They are so kind here and I was surprised at the amount of generosity that was shown to me and the other missionaries in my ward. We didn't pay for one meal the whole week! We only ate breakfast inside our house and the rest were at members houses. It was crazy! We ate KFC for the first time in months! It is better here.

We were able to bring our baptismal date investigator, Yang DX, to our bishops house for dinner and then afterwards we had planned to give a different investigator a chapel tour but I felt prompted to invite Yang DX too. When we arrived at the chapel we called the investigator and he told us he could not come. But we still had Yang DX! So, we took him through our chapel and were able to help him better understand our Church and the meetings we have within. It was awesome!

We also found a new LA(less active) this week who has a few problems with Church and reading but is really kind. Finding her kind of restored some faith in LA finding. It was awesome actually being let in! We brought our friend Daniel who is serving in the military right now, but is on break because of Guonian, and his family actually already knew the LA and I felt we were able to help her remember  the feeling she had once felt at church. 

We ate a lot of weird food, met a lot of cool people, and had a wonderful week here in Luodong, Taiwan. Thank you all for your support and prayers! I along with the other missionaries really need it! Sorry for the short email! 
That leaf thing is raw pigs skin that a member gave us 
Elder Henry David Christensen

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