Monday, July 6, 2015

Chocolate Cake for Breakfast!


I felt quite a bit like one of the Cosby kids this morning as my companion and I made chocolate cake for breakfast. A few months ago Elder Hansen received cake mix, frosting and candles to celebrate his birthday, but there are very few ovens in Taiwan, so he did not make it. 

But last night we asked the sisters to bring us three eggs and this morning for our regular basketball game they showed up with eggs in hand. 

After a furiously played game of basketball we returned to our home and mixed together our three eggs, water and the cake mix. Then we put it in the rice maker and waited. After about 40 minutes we checked and oh boy we were surprised at the beauty before us. A wonderfully rich chocolate cake was born. And will be feeding us for a few days as we were not able to eat very much of it. The moral of this story is that cake is wonderful and that miracles happen everyday.

This week our ward hosted a wonderful activity. We combined together and then each missionary was assigned a group and an area then we took them out to be missionaries with us..
I was expecting my group, which consisted of two different Brothers (陳), to experience the hard parts of the work, but instead the first person we walked up to was prepared and we had a lesson. Then we visited a less active and ate dinner and by then our time was out so we returned back to the church for the fireside part. They had a very easy day which is not normal but I was happy to see some miracles with them. 

The fireside itself was awesome! We had a small testimony meeting and a speaker. My group all went up together and shared our testimonies and it was a very spiritually lifting meeting. The members loved it and it was cool to help them realize the joy of spreading the gospel. 

To relate these two seemingly different topics, I will share one of my favorite examples when explaining my reason for serving to the youth: The gospel is to me like cake. I love cake and because it brings me happiness, I want to share it with others so that they can enjoy it too. I share the gospel because it brings me joy. Cake in the end can make us fat physically, while the gospel will make us fat spiritually which I think is a good thing.

Get spiritually fat and share your cake!
Elder Henry David Christensen 

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