Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Bitter Winds Are Blowin In

Not really bitter, but it is very windy here in ZhuBei. I have moved! 

Last Wednesday after watching "17 Miracles" for our English class party, I witnessed an 18th miracle! I was leaving BeitTou!! 

I was, contrary to popular belief, having kind of a hard time there. Living that close to Taibei is not really my favorite. But now I am back on the outskirts and I am loving it! 

My companion is Elder Hansen (Handsome is what the Taiwanese hear) and he is from Nibley (Logan) Utah! And boy is he handsome! He was a rock climber, hiker and fan of classical music/soundtracks before the mission and we get along real well. 

I am the 大 (senior) companion because I have been out longer, but he is really teaching me how it is done. Here there are a lot more restaurants, so we will be eating out a lot and won't be cooking ourselves which is OK. 

And our apartment has a special name. It is known as the "Crows Nest" because it is a loft apartment. However it is not super nice. We are cleaning it today before we walk to the beach.

The members are pretty cool here too. They split into an English ward and a Chinese ward because there are a lot of white people and even more Philippinos. I am in the Chinese ward so nothing too new but we do have two sets of sisters so that is  a little different! 
Anyways, I am out of time but I will give you all more updates as time goes on. I personally think I will be here for a while but only time can tell. 

Elder Henry David Christensen 

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