Sunday, July 19, 2015

Howdya' do?

This week was fun :)
    On Tuesday we had our Zone meeting which consists of about 20 Elders and Sisters so it wasn't very big. I was able to help translate for Sister Fan who is a Taiwanese sister. And it was pretty funny. She is my good friend so I would joke with her sometimes haha. That wasn't too stressful because the Zone leaders know to speak slower so we can do a good translation but later that week, this last friday, I had a very different experience.
    Our new mission president, who fun fact graduated from Olympus high!, came to our chapel to visit with our zone and the neighboring zone (so there were a lot of people there). President Jergensen is awesome! He brought his whole family and had each of them introduce themselves then he and his wife told us story after story for about 2 hours so we could really get to know them. (next week will be our personal interviews with him). Anyways, at the start, we were all talking and as we were filing into our seats I realized I was sitting behind two Taiwanese sisters who don't have great English. The story goes like this, I was called again to translate. Haha. The catch here was, they didn't speak slower and their stories were very odd and therefore hard to translate even with time. I don't complain but it was hard and I was tired of talking straight Chinese for that 2 hour time period. It was rough.
     Anyways, enough about me. Here is Mister Li's story.We walked into the train station to do some contacting and walked past a man who was sitting on the ground in a miserable state. I didn't really notice him at first which is OK because right after we prayed I felt I needed to talk to him so we walked straight to him and sat down with him on the ground.
    He had two water bottles with him. One was alcohol and the other was water. He said he drank to keep the pain down because he had cancer in both lungs from smoking. He had been abandoned at the train station by a friend and had no way to get home. So after praying with him and especially, for him, we gave him a book of Mormon and I felt strongly to tell him I love him and he smiled and told me he loved me too. Soon after we went upstairs to buy a ticket home with him. We gave him some more money and he promised he would not use it for alcohol. After showing his gratitude he walked through the gate and was gone. To this I can only say, the Lord works in mysterious ways. I invite you to help those whose hands hand down and knees are feeble in any and every way you can.

Love, Me

Here is our mission website:!Wrapping-up-Meet-the-Family/c419/55a250b60cf25b8bf7e72b88  (here you can see pictures of Henry and see him singing!!)

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