Tuesday, October 20, 2015

烏龜 (tortoise)

In accordance with the title, this last week was slow! Most of our investigators were unable to meet with us and we were outside on the street biking from person to person trying to strike up a conversation good enough to lead to salvation. However, we did not see very much success. 
I am trying this next we to be a little more consecrated and focused on my investigators at all times. I ask for your prayers to help me be able to do so.
In most contacts we usually will start by giving them an English tract and an invite to English class, then we'll try to take it from there into a spiritual discussion. Sometimes we don't start that way but that method, carried down from our fathers, works pretty well a lot of the time. Most people here are pretty "open" with religion, but in reality don't even understand their own beliefs. 
This makes it difficult because for them it is like trying to fight a man with your legs tied. They don't know who the enemy is either, so it makes fighting the natural man and satan himself quite the challenge. 
Elder Tang is my district leader. He is from California but his mom is from Taiwan and his dad from Hong Kong, so he is pretty Asian. About half of my companion's and mine discussions are about him and all his Tangness. He is a very quirky dude. We love him a lot. 
One cool experience (that probably didn't seem much to him) was when we were reporting this last week's indicators. Our indicators weren't terrible, but they we not as good as they should have been. In the past district leaders would be stern or harsh and I would always think "what am I doing wrong here?" but Elder Tang responded differently. He was very understanding and only encouraged us to keep going. It was well needed and this week is already better. I also could testify that listening humbly to leaders is the only way to be happy and successful in whatever work you are affiliated with. I also testify that doing so is really hard, but again 會帶來祝福. (It will bring blessings.)

Elder Henry David Christensen 
mowing lawns in Taiwan!

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