Monday, October 26, 2015


This last week my brother and MTC buddy, Elder Perkins and I were able to go on exchanges. He is my zone leader so technically this should have happened multiple times but this was probably the only time because I may be leaving in two weeks. But, who's to say?
As Elder Perkins and I were contacting we ran into an Amah (women older than dinosaurs) who just pointed at us and kept calling us pretty. She was really funny and was super into white people haha. After a little bit of talking to her she gave us apples that she got for free because they went bad. They were pretty rotten and sort of useless but it was nice of her.

Later, we ran into this guy who would take whatever we gave him and would listen. But he didn't say one word ever so we kind of got bored and decided to go. As we were leaving I shook his hand and then Elder Perkins shook his hand and the guy just squeezed as hard as he could. It was really funny and very confusing.

The next morning at the track we were doing some stretches and another Amah came a'walkin by. She had quite the strut on as she successively let loose some inner air between each step. It was kind of funny, but immature of us to think so.
Right after the exchange, at about 8:30 we were out finding. We are supposed to be home by 9:00 so we were sort of looking for a miracle when I ran into Jimmy Dai. Brother Dai was a very nice guy. At the beginning of the conversation he was being very Buddhist with us, but by the end after some real talk he sort of realized there might be more than what he previously thought. He prayed a few times and kind of practiced and we gave him a Book of Mormon.

It was a great experience and shows that when you have a willing heart, contrite spirit and a smile on your face God will let you experience some miracles!

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Henry David Christensen 

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