Monday, January 4, 2016

Not Much Time

This week was pretty normal as far as the work goes. One thing that made it special was the rapid progression of our investigator Zhuang Yu Qi. 

His baptismal date is 1/16 and he is doing some great preparation. He goes to all the young single adult activities and attends all meetings very actively. When we met him, he said he only believed in ghosts. But now he has a firm testimony in Heavenly Father, which he received from the Book of Mormon. 

His interview is tomorrow and we are really excited about that as well. He will also be coming to the beach with us today to play hand ball and then a member is going to feed us all dinner and help us teach him. It has only been 3 weeks and he is already cruising through the Book of Mormon. I am very humbled to meet someone so prepared. It has not happened for me before on my mission and I must say it is quite the joyful experience. 

Another thing I have come to realize that I think is pretty darn hilarious is that Elder Hu is the exact opposite person of Elder Anderson. I was wondering why it felt so different and that is my final answer for the reason. It is going well though. I am working hard to get our companionship relationship to be better and better. I am looking forward to my time with Elder Hu!


Elder Henry David Christensen 

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