Monday, December 28, 2015

開會啊 (to hold a meeting)

Hey y'all.
Christmas is over but really it goes all year round.

We had a good one over here. On Christmas day we did nothing that had anything to do with Christmas, but the surrounding days were pretty festive! We went picking strawberries and on a cool bridge that led to a little hidden retreat. 

Then on Tuesday we woke up super early and went to Taibei for the mission-wide Christmas conference. We went to the American Club hotel which is a super nice hotel with very authentic American food. They even had Mac and Cheese! 

The conference went from 9 am to 5 pm and then I went on exchanges with Elder Perkins. We got lost in Tucheng so we walked around and sang a lot of carols but no one wanted to listen. Still it was fun! 

The next day was Christmas and we had our ward party and our members killed it. One family brought three friends and their families which was super cool. We met a lot of great people!! 


It was good to see my good old family on Skype. It is weird how much time changes people. I almost didn't recognize some of my own family members, which was odd, but they were good changes. I miss them a lot and I love them even more. It is surreal that I haven't seen them in person for such a long time. It is something that not too many have experienced in this way. Which doesn't make me special, but it has helped me learn a lot about myself and further my belief that family is very important.

Love, Elder Henry David Christensen

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