Monday, December 14, 2015

Looks like there is one less meow in Miao Li

Title credit: Elder Anderson
So here is what happened. We biked through the church gates, chased away the twenty or so cats that hide on our church property and unlocked the church for an early morning meeting. I am not sure why (spiritual prompting maybe?) but I walked around the side of the chapel building and about 10 yards in front of me I saw a little mound on the pavement. Upon a closer inspection I realized it was a cat that had been, for lack of better words, ripped in half. 
It's innards were all over the property and the entire back half was just gone. We at first thought it was just dogs that somehow got in but later looked where the cats usually hang out and there were a bunch of bones. So, in short, we have some cannibalistic cats over here! Moreover we have one less meow in Miao Li! 
Anyways, this last week was hard! I am not sure why, but it felt pretty rough. However, we did see a few miracles. Last night, for example, we were waiting for an investigator in a KFC,when a man we had not met came up to us and introduced himself as he sat down at our table. 
We talked for a little bit before our investigator came in. The investigator confessed that he had shown his parents the BofM and they were opposed to him looking into other religions. But we prayed for him, and bore our testimonies to him and told him to never give up, then invited him to try again to talk to his parents.
He is a brave soul. Most investigators just don't show up and never answer our phone calls when this kind of stuff happens. But he came and told us to our faces. It was very respectable. 

Meanwhile, this other man, Brother Xu, was listening in and flipping through the BofM. After our now former-ish investigator left, we talked to Brother Xu for a little bit and set up with him to meet again. It was a miracle. I believe God wanted us to meet one so that we could meet the other. Super cool!! 
Anyways, other than that not much happened here in Miao Li! We are getting everyone excited for Christmas by sharing the new and old Christmas videos! It is a time to be jolly.

Elder Henry David Christensen 

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