Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Funny story, we were on our way back to Miao Li from Zhu Nan, where our zone leaders live, and there was a train leaving 2 minutes hence. 
We booked it up, through and on to the train snagging some seats right as it pulled away. Sadly, about a half an hour later we realized we were on the wrong train. It had said it was going to Miao Li but little did I know there were two different lines going to different places in Miao Li. They did not connect and it was too far to walk into our area, so we got off at the next stop and decided to wait there. 
Unluckily we stopped at Da Shan, which means big mountain, which is one of the smallest stops in Taiwan. So we got stuck there. We were there for about an hour till we just had a member come and pick us up. We got to English Class about 10 minutes before it was supposed to start and had a piece of bread for dinner. So much fun.
The next day we bused to Tou Fen for Zone meeting. I have only one sister serving in my zone who is my same age on the island and she gave her farewell testimony to our zone, which was weird because even though she is going home a transfer early, it makes me think that I am kind of running low on time. I hate that thought... 
That investigator I talked about last week, Qian DX, is doing great. He came to a dinner last night to break our fast as a ward and fit right in. He is super cool and is my brother. 
I am doing great myself and loving life. The transfer is coming to a close and it will be really interesting what happens. A LOT of missionaries will be going home this transfer so the mission will have a lot of areas close down. Should be really interesting... Anyways, Good luck out there 大家! 

Elder Henry David Christensen 

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