Sunday, December 27, 2015


Transfers this week were stellar. I am now serving with an Elder Hu, who is Taiwanese. He is a homie. Although a little despondent at times he is a super hard worker! 

We have already seen a few miracles together. For example: Last Friday we met a Brother Zhuang and had a lesson with him, then set him up for the next day. He came, we had a great lesson and set a baptismal date, then he came to church and attended a young single adult fireside last night. 

We are meeting with him today again so it has been kind of fun because we didn't even really have to set up any of it. He is super willing to learn and likes the environment a lot! Super cool experience for me and Elder Hu to see right from the start! 

Besides that nothing else is really new. I am doing super happy and I am excited for this week. Our ward has a big Christmas activity coming up and all of the members are inviting homies. We are really pushing for a lot of new investigators to be coming out of this, so it is really exciting to be working so well with the ward! 

Also, I met this guy who is super smiley. He is from Sweden and lives in the Southern-most city. He likes to climb trees and is super friendly. 
Elder Henry David Christensen

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