Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Brotha Wang Makes the Dive

This week was awesome! 

A little rainy still, but we saw a lot of miracles and have met a lot of really solid people! We are stoked to be able to see each of them progress as we continue to focus on repentance unto conversion. 
We went to the ZOO!
We also had a baptism for Brother Wang Qi Ming this week which was exciting. 
I was able to introduce Brother Wang to the members at his baptism which was a great honor as he is one of the most humble and faithful men I have met. I also stood with Elder Dong as a witness of his baptism and was able to lay my hands on his head to assist in confirming him a member of the church. 

I have been blessed greatly this week. I am doing happy! Elder Robinson has helped me a lot as far as being positive goes. We keep each other happy and are loving our time together as companions! 

This week I also got to go on exchanges with Elders Hammond and Hamilton. I was really sick with a cold (and still recovering) but we still went on exchanges because of time and it worked out OK. I just kept going even though it was literally killing me. 

Those two elders, though nervous to be district leaders, are awesome! They have a lot of love and determination to help those they are serving. I learned a lot from them and I was able to talk with them and give them some new ideas of things that they could try that worked for me as a district leader. 

Also my companion and I took some time to do some training which was fun and we all learned. 
Exchanges are tiring but sure are fun!

Elder Henry David Christensen 

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