Monday, March 14, 2016

Robinson Crusoe

Adventures for days here in the Southern Zone.

I got transferred down here after only one transfer in the northern zone which was kind of weird. 
But I am still a zone leader and now my companion is one of my better homies from the MTC. We are the same age on the mission and will both be going home the same day. 
He is Elder Robinson and he is a skier from Bountiful Utah! We are homies!
It has been super fun and we have already seen a lot of success! 
I hope to not move again from this area but I got here right as we sealed a deal to move apartments so the other day we went and checked out our new apartment and it is on Beetle Nut Road. 
It is super nice and I am happy to be moving because our apartment right now is super gross. 
The paint is falling off the walls and the doors all don't close and etc.. It is the worst. 
We live with another companionship and it is fun to have more homies to chill with! It is a good life here. I couldn't be more excited and happy.
We have adventures every day. you can too.


Elder Henry David Christensen 

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