Monday, August 24, 2015

Neat ~ I ain't got hair

這個禮拜我們沒有做什麼,可是我還是很開心! 我們今天要去新竹市跟那邊的長老去玩! 我們有可能會去買雪花冰,還是不一定. *Google Translate (This week we did not do anything, but I was very happy! We're going over there today Hsinchu elders to play with! We have snow ice might buy, or not necessarily.)

So that is wonderful! I am doing pretty good. My son, Elder Facer, is teaching me everyday. He is a super hard worker as well as a fast learner. 

This last week I got really hot, so I took a bath.. But I still felt really hot so I shaved off all my hair. And I persuaded Elder Perkins to do it with me so I am not bald and alone.

我們一直很類可是這個工作很美好的和我應該要继续做神像要我做的事!我覺得當我們的目標是跟神的目標一樣我們會能夠找得到快樂! (We have been very kind but this work really good and I should continue to do the gods want me to do! I think when our goal is the same goal with God we will be able to find happiness!)

The sky was really cool this week because of the typhoon that is passing by. It won't hit us this time and is not even really effecting us so far. 
我愛你們,和我希望你們愛我 :) I love you, and I hope you love me :)

Elder Henry David Christensen

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