Monday, August 3, 2015

"That Which Thou Puttest On Me Will I Bear"

This week was great! I love the temple and It was definitely needed! We had a few odd experiences throughout the week but in all it was a good turn out. We got two new baptismal dates and we were really excited about that. Elder Anderton, my district leader, gave us the good advice to invite people to baptism more often! Genius! Needless to say, it worked really well.
We biked a whole lot this week. In the end it wasn't as much the distance that mattered but the fact that we were doing hills every day. I am sore and tired but it is sure worth the rides downhill!

One special experience I had this week was when I prayed and got an answer! 嗚嗚嗚嗚嗚嗚! But.... it wasn't that easy. I fasted and prayed and went to the temple and prayed some more. Then, I fasted again and prayed and finally I got my answer. I felt something was missing the last little bit of my mission and I couldn't figure out what that thing was. So really, I was praying without a real question. Kind of like when you forget something and you know you have forgotten something, but you can't remember exactly what you forgot. 
I mostly just wanted to know what my problem was so I could fix it. The answer came clean and clear. I heard in my mind a voice say to me, "You need to stop focusing on you and your problems and focus on the people that you were called to serve." I knew it was true. And I knew I needed to change a lot. 
Now, I am working hard to teach according to people's needs. I think the problem started because I was just teaching lessons and not the people. 
Of course I love the people! That was never the problem. The problem started with me relying on myself and not God. That is when I started to feel down and only until after I was humbled, was I able to know what I needed to change. Now I just have to work at it. 
I do however find it funny that even as a servant of the Lord who spends everyday preaching the word of God, you can still struggle in this kind of way. I hope that can help those who are not on missions realize how much more easily you can fall away if you are not always focusing on the gospel. So, my invite to you is to read the Book of Mormon. As our dear prophet, Thomas S. Monson, says, "if you have not read the Book of Mormon, read it!" 

Also, I invite you all to ponder this verse, "I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.” Isaiah 45:7

Elder Henry David Christensen

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