Sunday, November 15, 2015

Exchanges X3

This computer cafe is the pit of despair so I am not able to send pictures this week! sorry! I want to, but these computers are horrible!

On Thursday my companion and I boarded the early morning bus to Toufen. After arriving, I went with Elder Pack and left my companion in Toufen, as we headed to Taibei. Once in Taibei, we had our English leader meeting and then I left with Elder Hammond during Elder Pack's district leader meeting. Elder Pack is my district leader and Elder Hammond is a missionary in Tiabei that is also getting broken (trained). 

Once in Elder Hammond's area, we went finding for about an hour, found a solid new investigator and had a lesson with him, then headed back to the headquarters switched back and then headed back to Toufen, ate dinner, and went back to my area. Then the next morning we switched with our zone leaders. I was with Elder Marks who is super cool. He is from Utah but his mom is Vietnamese and his dad is Canadian so he has some cool stories about them. We had a lot of fun and success together. 

Anyways, needless-to-say, I am tired. This last week was super good but really hard too as we were finding the whole entire time.
I really was able to learn a lot from those exchanges. It was fun, tiring and well needed. I have been with missionaries that haven't been on island for a very long time so switching with Elder Marks, who is very experienced, for even a day was a nice burden lifted. I do end up talking a lot. Haha.

Love you all!

Elder Henry David Christensen

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