Monday, November 9, 2015


Well, I got moved!! 

I finished training my son, Elder Facer, with glorious pride, and was moved out of the lands, leaving my posterity to him. I am not worried, although I am sad because Chen Jia Wen is getting baptized next week and I will miss it by just a week.. Super sad, but I will see her again hopefully. She is a good friend.

The transfer meeting was fun at first but as more and more calls were made, it just felt wrong. It was a really strong and odd feeling that just made me feel there was something wrong. I think something is going down at the headquarters...Nevertheless, I cannot complain. I like my companion a lot and I also think we will see a lot of miracles together. 

My companion is Elder Anderson. He is big and from New York! He also just finished getting trained so I am his second companion and breaking him which is funny because he, just like Elder Hansen who I broke, is a ginger! This is only significant because I think it means I will train again right after this transfer hahahah. 

The area is good too. Close to the Taizhong (Taichung) mission boarder, so we are a little farther away from headquarters and actually really close to my last area. So close that if I wanted to I could hang out with Elder Facer every P-day haha. In fact, we will be going to the beach with them today! Anyways, back to my area, it is a little smaller city. Less people and farther distances to get anywhere but that is OK. I like biking and it is getting colder anyways, so we will stay warm hopefully. 

I am loving life and the mission. Get convicted! 

Elder Henry David Christensen 

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