Monday, May 25, 2015

I'm Out

This week was transfers! So just in case one of us were leaving, we went out to eat with all our favorites and it was a fun time. 

Like usual, we didn't know until Wednesday night at about 9:10 P.M. who would leave, so we just pretended like we would both stay. 
Henry didn't like tomatoes at home
Wednesday was our English Class party! We made a bunch of cookie batter the day before and then the day of, we cooked sugar cookies, which we ended up frosting and eating. So that was our first activity, which was followed by writing letters to moms in English and then a round of musical chairs. It was pretty fun and smooth but all the missionaries were on edge because moving calls had not yet come. The class ended at about 8:30pm and calls come at around 9:00 usually, so we waited at the Church with some friends. But when it hit 9:10pm, we decided we better go. 
We were about 2 minutes away from the church when the phone rang. Haha, My companion picked up and then with wide eyes handed the phone to me. I was moving! 

The next day I packed and packed and packed. (I have a lot of stuff). It was a long and monotonous process, but I was also excited! I love Luodong, but it is always nice for a change. Anyway,  we visited with a few people that we loved and I said my goodbyes. Then before I knew it, I was lugging my luggage onto a bus, then an MRT, and finally to the Temple grounds. 

The transfer meeting was good. I was pretty sad because so many wonderful missionaries went home but it was also fun to see them and hear their testimonies. 

My new area is called BeiTou. (北投) and my companion is 王長老 and he is from Taiwan! It has been fun the last few days because I am almost always speaking Chinese. He can understand simple English, but it is just better to speak Chinese haha. 
Henry's new companion. I have no idea what his name is :)
I was also called to be the Language Resource Leader which doesn't mean that my Chinese is good but I think it is just so I feel important hahaha. Anyways, because of that I get to help newer missionaries test their Chinese to get through the first phase book which we are given. And I already got to help one sister pass it off, which was fun! I like my new area and will send pictures soon!


Elder Henry David Christensen

p.s. to mom
I met your friend here and she brought me a package but I am picking it up today. She seems nice. 
It was funny to see a Utah mom. They are different than the moms here hahaha
I love you and thank you for caring about me so much!!!!

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