Saturday, February 27, 2016

Henry's Daily Routine and Some Questions Answered

Every day we wake up at 6:30 and exercise till 7:00, shower, eat breakfast and then have studies for three hours. We are usually out the door by 11:00 and just get going. Schedule wise we are pretty much the same as every other missionary. 

As far as differences do go, we have the responsibility to go with everyone in the zone on exchanges. We go on about two 24 hour exchanges every week where both companion-ships stay at our house and we sleep on mats (just like the pads we use while hiking but not as soft). That is always tiring. 

One of our biggest responsibilities is to lift, inspire, and motivate and it is hard to know how to do that and then lead by example as well. It is super fun, but it is really tiring and I am stressed more than ever. I am learning on the go.

My companion Elder Sessions will have nine siblings by the time he gets home. He is the oldest and is a wonderful definition of leading by example. I have never before personally met anyone who is as thoughtful about his deeds as Elder Sessions. An astute example of a wonderful missionary. I love him a lot.

My apartment is pretty nice. Here we only get baby cockroaches and no big ones thank goodness. And the shower is usually lukewarm which is better than cold. Our washer and dryer are the best I've had and we live in the middle of the biggest night market in the mission. We walk outside at night and there are billions of people. But none of them live here. Great area nonetheless.

Both of the assistants to the president (AP's) are my age on the mission and we will all head out at the same time. It has been fun working with them and learning from them. They are really funny and don't ever miss a chance to compliment someone while on the road. 

Another great responsibility we have is that we are held responsible for every member in our zone and when they struggle it is our job to help. This also means when we report, we report directly to President, which can be nerve racking. I am enjoying it all nevertheless. My district is awesome. My companion is awesome. My area is beautiful and also pretty convenient.

I love you all and I hope you have a great week!
Elder Henry David Christensen 

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