Monday, February 8, 2016

Mice and Men

The amount of pressure I am feeling is hard to describe as I have endeavored to become a role model for the missionaries within my zone. It is a very different amount than being a district leader. I am ever humbled by the amazing missionaries I am serving with and also worried for those under mine and Elder Sessions jurisdiction whom are struggling.
We had a lot happen this last week including the missionary leadership conference. I learned an incredible amount about the missions goals and how we hope to attain them, moreover, how important it is for me to lead by example. No matter how great the pain, tiredness, sadness or fear that I feel is, I must not break. 
I have my companion by my side, although there is a great half that remains on my shoulders. A stanza written by one of my favorite musical artists states perfectly my thoughts on leading this zone. 

They say:
I ponder of something great. 
My lungs will fill and then deflate.
They fill with fire exhale desire. 
I know it is dire, my time today.
My time is short but my desire is great. I hope to be able to bring this great vision and desire to those with which I serve. I invite you to pray everyday. I invite you to read the words of the prophets every day. I invite you to love others and do your best to improve daily. In essence, I invite you to follow the message of our current prophet and seer, President Thomas S. Monson, which is, "Keep the commandments!"

Elder Henry David Christensen 

sorry this is all I took pictures of this week


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