Monday, February 1, 2016

Northern Ranger

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This last week I got a call on from President Jergensen. He asked if I would be willing to move up to Taibei's North Zone. I accepted. I packed Wednesday night and then left the next morning. I was a little pressed for time but other than that it was pretty smooth. The transfers changed a little so now we just travel solo to our new area. It was pretty weird being alone especially because my ticket put me right next to a sister. 
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Besides that and the 30 minute delay on my train, I made it to my new area. I am now in Shi Lin and I am the new Zone Leader here. I am excited partly for the new experience and because this zone was just recently created, but mostly because I will get to work with and learn from many other missionaries.
Shi Lin is known mostly for its night market, which is huge and takes up a great portion of our area. One the weekends about 5-10 thousand people will come to it. So it is a pretty popular place. We "find" there in the day, when there are more locals for us to teach, but don't really go into it very often unless we are eating dinner there. 
In the future we will be doing about 2 exchanges a week, so I will have plenty of time to really figure out the area. I am still trying to get used to the towering buildings and bright lights. It is very different here from anywhere else I have served, but I already like it a lot. It is fun because earlier in my mission this area was my ZL's area and I would come here on exchanges from time to time, so I already feel like I know some people and places.
Elder Sessions is my new companion. I have already learned a lot from him and still have a ton that I need to learn from him. He is very kind, thoughtful and open. He is a hard worker and a great missionary. I am honored to be serving with him. I anticipate that I will stay here until my time in Taiwan ends, and will probably have one more companion. I am anxious but also very excited to help the members and people here! 

Elder Henry David Christensen 
last district meeting in miao li

you could say we went all out

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